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...building business clarity through coaching

Coach Simms

...building business clarity through coaching

Coach Simms

My Story, My Why

I have been fortunate to have achieved business and career success during the last four decades. Much of that success was a direct result of having great leaders who coached and led me, even when I did not realize I was being coached. These inspirational people have made a profound impact on my career and life. In an executive leadership capacity, I led great teams with a global Fortune 500 company whose 430,000 worldwide employee’s mission was to improve the quality of daily life for over 75 million people. It was a tremendous journey made successful because of tenacious effort and great relationships with amazing people including colleagues, clients and of course, the teams I had the pleasure to lead.

My WHY is simply stated:  To incorporate my experience into giving back and being of service.  Whether that be through coaching, training, in Rotary or through the various boards I have the privilege to sit on.  I suppose that in thinking about it, my WHY is not much different than my previous company’s Mission to improve the quality of daily life for people we interact with.

Seek First To Understand,
Then To Be Understood
Dr. Stephen Covey

A Coach Simms Guiding Principle

This quote from Covey’s highly acclaimed, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, is his 5th habit of the 7 Habits and they are also words I quote all the time.  When I first read this book in 1990, these eight words changed my life and helped shape my approach to leadership.  I was in my late twenties, had been leading people less than a decade and in my zeal to appear knowledgeable, I often overlooked this opportunity to improve my leadership abilities.

Three decades later I can confirm that this habit is essential in coaching. For that matter, essential in all human interaction. The ability to listen, to draw an understanding for what you are hearing and then help with creating insight, thinking and perspective are cornerstones to effective coaching.  It has been a lifelong focus, and occasionally an effort, to adhere to ‘Habit 5’.  Being a coach has reinforced how important it is.

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Change Requires

Dissatisfaction with where you are
a vision for where you want to be
taking action to get there
Coach Simms
Change Requires
Dissatisfaction with where you are
a vision for where you want to be
and taking action to get there.
Coach Simms

Coaching as an agent for change

I believe that coaching is one of the most powerful forces for human change on earth. When a symbiotic coaching relationship exists between the business coach and the business owner or executive, the clarity, focus and ultimately, the personal responsibility for taking action is transformative.

I challenge leaders to uncover what lies within them and within their business or career. Then we set about making the changes. The process can be quite sobering but oh so very rewarding.

So if you are ready to invest in change, reach out and we will chat.

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Coach Simms


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