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Canada – Alberta Job Grant Training

Develop your leaders & sales professionals at one third the cost with the Canada-Alberta Job Grant

  • As a registered Alberta corporation, you may apply for a Job Grant to assist with training and development
  • Your employees must live in Alberta and you need to continue to employ them after the program
  • The training provider cannot be part of your entity. Hence – Coach Simms of ASMS Performance Consulting, Ltd.
  • We will assist with the application process by providing the necessary information to make it easier. See for more information on the program

Your Compelling Why...

  • Unique opportunity to invest in the development of your current & future leaders and sales professionals in a highly cost-effective way
  • The Sales Growth Development program is 25 hours of experiential learning over 4-5 months and based on client-driven flexible schedules
  • Certified and experienced facilitator with 4 decades of leadership and sales experience, 20 years which were spent as a senior executive with a Global Fortune 500 Company
  • Opportunity to give substantial training to your team at a very attractive price
Alberta Government Program Information

Sales Growth Development

The “Sales Growth Development” program focuses on greater understanding of the sales process, the six key areas of sales success and how to effectively communicate with various behavioural styles of prospects. The goal is to equip your Sales Team with the knowledge, skills and ATTITUDE to master Relationship Selling. The course material provides the ability to recognize, no matter what market or industry you are selling to, that success belongs to those who overcome their own internal obstacles and adapt to the changing business landscape of the 21st Century. The program is based on 25 hours of interactive participation comprised of one & a half hours of assessment debrief, one – three & a half hour workshop on Diving into DISC Behavioural Styles, one – eight hour workshop focused on greater awareness of the six key areas of creating better sales outcomes, and twelve hours of follow-up accountability sessions. The usual program length is four months but can be modified to meet the client’s needs. You can download a program brochure by entering your name and email address.

The cost for this program is $3,295 per participant. If you qualify for a Canada-Alberta Job Grant, the price becomes only $1,099 per participant.

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