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Meet Stephen
(Aka. Coach Simms)
Meet Stephen
(Aka. Coach Simms)

Hello and welcome.  Given you are visiting this site, I trust you may be considering coaching.  As a potential client of mine what matters to me, is more about you than about me.  However, in saying that, it is important to take a moment to reveal a little of my experience, my why and where I am on life’s journey as of today.

Source: Winnipeg Tribune Photo Collection

My Experience (happy to fill in all the colors of the picture when we get to know each other)

  • learning about work early with a Winnipeg Tribune paper route at the tender age of 8
  • managing a concession stand at the age of 13 and responsible for one employee
  • becoming a manager of hundreds of staff at the age of 22
  • served as a Senior Vice President in a Global Fortune 500 Company for several decades
  • worked all over the globe with teams advancing business growth and operations

My Why

  • decided to go in a different direction in my early 50s
  • searched within myself for how I might ‘pay-it-forward’ or essentially what my ‘why’ was.
  • my choice to become a business and executive coach is routed in my desire to be of service (my Why!) and to help leaders in business advance their own causes while staying focused on what they deem is important
  • have had the immense pleasure to partner with many great business owners and executives who were looking to invest in themselves and uncover what potential was buried in their business and in themselves – see Testimonials page

Life’s Journey Today

  • loving being a business coach since leaving corporate life in 2013
  • comfortable with conversations and actions around sales, marketing, operations, strategy development, financial performance, customer service, client retention and team development.
  • became a Rotarian in 2014 for the second time in my life (1987 was the 1st time)
  • within months joined the Rotary executive and became the Club President for the 2018/19 year
  • sit on multiple boards, one of which is Community Futures Centre West, where I have the pleasure of serving as Chair from 2019 through 2021
  • decided to obtain my MBA since leaving corporate life, which was no small undertaking in my fifth decade of life and given simultaneously starting a coaching practice
  • best of all I am married to my best friend, have two great daughters, three wonderful grandchildren and a very special 20 pounds of amazing Australian Labradoodle, named ‘Maggie’.

So, there you have it, four decades condensed into less than 350 words. Ultimately, what is important to me is to hear your story. If you wish that we get to know each other better, please complete the contact form and we will set up a time to chat. To understand my views on the keys to effective coaching, see the Why Hire a Business Coach page.

Looking forward to meeting you…

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