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Sales Growth Development

Sales Growth Development

The “Sales Growth Development” program focuses on greater understanding of the sales process, the six key areas of sales success and how to effectively communicate with various behavioural styles of prospects. The goal is to equip your Sales Team with the knowledge, skills and ATTITUDE to master Relationship Selling. The course material provides the ability to recognize, no matter what market or industry you are selling to, that success belongs to those who overcome their own internal obstacles and adapt to the changing business landscape of the 21st Century. The program is based on 25 hours of interactive participation comprised of one & a half hours of assessment debrief, one – three & a half hour workshop on Diving into DISC Behavioural Styles, one – eight hour workshop focused on greater awareness of the six key areas of creating better sales outcomes, and twelve hours of follow-up accountability sessions. The usual program length is four months but can be modified to meet the client’s needs. You can download a program brochure by entering your name and email address.

The cost for this program is $3,495 per participant. If you qualify for a Canada-Alberta Job Grant, the price becomes only $1,188 per participant.

Diving into DISC Behaviors – 3.5 Hour Workshop

  • This workshop takes a deep dive into the four different behavioral styles that are found in the DISC assessment. The intent is to build the participants awareness by diving into each style and learn why it is important to be aware of, not only your own behavioral style, but to learn how to recognize the behavioral styles of their prospects and customers.
  • Program Participants will learn to:
    • Understand their personal behavioral style
    • Identify behavioral styles of others quickly
    • Adapt their behavioral style to better interact with prospects and customers
    • Leverage their behavioral strengths
    • Recognize the personal behavioral needs in others in order to drive better sales outcomes
    • Select and use words more effectively, and
    • Leverage how they interact with other behavioral styles

Sales Growth Development – 8 Hour Workshop

  • Why Prospecting Should Matter – An important aspect of selling is knowing where your next sale is coming from. While many roles that involve selling, may not involve any door-to-door prospecting, the reality is that cultivating your next sale (or new customer) comes from conscience awareness of the importance of prospecting sales growth, regardless if many of your customers seem to find you.
  • First Impressions and Relationships – Selling today means building better relationships. This has never been more important than it is today. The first impression left with new prospects helps determine if they actually become customers. The greater the focus on building relationships, the greater you will work yourself into a position of trust. Building a relationship creates the opportunity for you to learn from your customer and create sales growth.
  • Qualifying and Understanding Needs – The only way to qualify and understand your customer’s needs is through questions and careful listening. Once you understand your customers wants and needs suggests that you will be in a better position to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. No one wants to be simply sold. Most want to have a win-win arrangement where someone they trust took care of them.
  • How and When You Should Present – Only after you fully understand what the client needs or wants should you venture into offering your solutions. If you have done a great job in learning from the customer, it should be straightforward in how you can position your product or service to meet the customer’s requirement. Timing is only one aspect. You must know your product. You must be confident in your product. You must know how to tailor your product to meet the specific customer need or want.
  • How to Influence the Customer – To influence a customer’s decision making, requires understanding the various mental triggers that cause people to make decisions. This module incorporates the work of Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D. and his national bestseller, ‘Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion’. We will examine 7 key areas that serve to persuade and influence people’s decision-making.
  • ABC – Always Be Closing – This is where the rubber hits the road in sales. It is amazing the number of salespeople who drop the ball at the closing goal line. They can have done well to this point but the entire process of making a sale stems from closing the sale. Being aware of the pitfalls associated with closing the sale is important. Also, knowing how to react to the myriad of responses customers give when deciding to buy or not, is key to increasing your closing rate. As Jeffery Gitomer says, “People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.” Watching and listening for closing clues means that you should always be closing.

12 Weeks of Continuous Training - 12 Hours

  • For 12 consecutive weeks for one hour per week, the participants will work with the trainer learning 10 additional key sales and personal skills training topics. The sessions will also reinforce previous learning and allow for accountability through declaring their personal weekly sales metrics outcomes.
  • Week 1: Succeeding as a Salesperson
  • Week 2: So How Much Money Do You Want
  • Week 3: Being Memorable
  • Week 4: The Power Questions
  • Week 5: Ah Yes, Objections are Normal
  • Week 6: All my Customers Focus on Price
  • Week 7: Owning Your Responsibility
  • Week 8: Mastering Your Best Life
  • Week 9: Why Goals Matters
  • Week 10: Excellent Customer Service
  • Week 11: Review of All Material
  • Week 12: Participant presentations to the Leadership team

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