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Approximately 3 years ago I heard Stephen speak at our local Chamber of Commerce lunch and I was instantly inspired by his words and encouragement to us as small business owners.  Our Safari business was growing, and we needed better tools and guidance to move forward without falling behind.  Being coached by Stephen meant he took the time to understand our business and help us explore the best options for us – at a pace that worked for us. Stephen took time to prepare for each of our coaching sessions and it was obvious that he really did have our best interests at heart. During our almost 3-year engagement, our business grew by over 50% and our ability to focus our energy in the right areas blossomed.

Coach Simms taught us valuable lessons.  He had us read many inspiring books, brainstormed our growth, laughed with us, and supported us when occasionally we shed a tear of frustration and disappointment.   He helped celebrate our success and constantly reassessed our exceptional progress.   I can say with certainty that our years of coaching was the best decision we made, and our company is all the better for it.  I highly recommend that you be open to change and embrace the coaching process fully.  You will be in for a challenging but very rewarding journey!

Thank you, Stephen, for your warmth and caring friendship, we really appreciate you!