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Coaching Services
Coaching Services

Coaching is a two-way process.  The coach and the coachee need to commit to the process of coaching.  What that means is that each have responsibilities towards the coaching sessions. They are as follows:

By the Coach

  • Show up prepared having reviewed any prework submitted by the Coachee and having reviewed session notes to ensure appropriate follow-up and accountability.
  • Focused on the Coachee’s agenda. While there is a coaching curriculum followed, the reality is that the sessions should be geared towards whatever the Coachee may be dealing with in the moment as it relates to their business or executive leadership in their company.
  • As your Coach, I use a co-active approach to coaching. This means that while I’ll always focus on listening and questioning to create insight in your thinking, as coaching works best when the Coachee finds their own answers, I’ll also infuse perspective as and when required based on my four decades of business and leadership experience.
  • I will respect our allotted session time; both start time and duration. Should it be necessary to reschedule, it will be done within a respectful amount of notice.
  • Confidentiality is always adhered to. What is said between us – remains between us.
  • As your Coach, I will always ensure that I have your best interests at heart. I will serve as a vested, non-equity partner in your business or career and assist you in removing whatever barriers may be limiting your progression.

By the Coachee

  • The Coachee has made the conscious decision to invest in themselves and their business or career by working with a Coach. As a result, they have decided to face whatever barriers, habits, excuses, or self-limiting beliefs they have been holding on to.
  • The Coachee commits to doing the work. They accept personal responsibility to engage with and be accountable to whatever actions are necessary based on what they have identified as being important and requiring change or improvement.
  • They show up prepared for the session, whether that relates to agreed upon prior commitments or ready to engage with the coaching session through active participation.
  • The Coachee has demonstrated that they are an achiever and are prepared to do what may be necessary to take their business or career to the next level. They are open to growth – and embrace change.
  • Just as the Coach will always ensure adherence to time management for sessions, so to shall the Coachee. It is recognized that issues beyond one’s control do come up and time pressures can fluctuate.

One-on-One Coaching

The best pattern of coaching is where the sessions adhere to a regular schedule thereby creating the necessary frequency to ensure disciplined adherence to making change.  Times will be based on the same day each week and the same start time.

I either coach clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  The more frequent the sessions, the quicker the change process can occur.

Weekly sessions equate to 44 sessions per year and bi-weekly sessions to 22 sessions per year.

Each coaching session is 75 minutes in length and the start and stop times are respected. However, if time permits for both parties, sessions can extend past 75 minutes if the discussion and topic of the moment warrants extension.

The above applies to both business owners and executives. In the case of the business owners, partnership coaching arrangements can be made. An agreement that works for the partners will be discuss and agreed upon.

Included in the coaching arrangement is an annual Strategic Planning session with either the business owner or the executive and key members of their respective teams. This is done as an off-site event for a day or day & a half, as required.

Group Coaching

If you are interested in discussing Group Coaching arrangements, please reach out on the contact form and we can have a discussion as it relates to your specific requirements.

If you are ready to get started with coaching, please complete the Client Information Form, by clicking on the button below, and we will arrange a meeting.