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I had the pleasure to work with Coach Simms in late 2019 and early 2020 with the plan to help reformulate the future of our company, and bring focus to executing on new business strategies to guide the company for the next few years.  In that time, he worked with our partners to better understand both our personal alignments and our business needs for the long term.  His forthright questions, and personal approach helped me to learn about where I needed to focus and develop my plans for the future.

As with many endeavours in the pandemic world, Coach Simms helped me understand how I could take steps to both ensure my business succeeds, and I meet my personal goals.  In this case, my new goal needed to have me venture into a new business and help transition from my current business leaving it in the hands of my business partners.  From a coach perspective, Stephen’s guidance both helped me understand what I needed, and what it would take for my, now past business, to succeed.  As the challenges of the pandemic have grown, this has clearly become the right choice for me.

Throughout our engagement, Coach Simms was an impartial, and honest collaborator.  He helped identify some hard truths, while keeping his eye on our future and he also kept referring to our goals, both personal and professional.  For that I am ever grateful.